Extra Dry Sparkling Wine Orocolato


Type of Wine

ExtraDry Sparkling Wine


To the eye

Light yellow color with greenish reflections



Bouquet of fresh fruit, peach blossom, apricot and golden apple


In the mouth

Little accentuated acidity, unique for its harmony and richness of flavors



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Reserved Area

Winemaking Method

Manual harvest, with cold maceration at a controlled temperature. Soft pressing in pneumatic press.

Conservation of the must in steel tanks insulated at zero degrees.
Second fermentation in autoclave at controlled temperature (15 ° -17 ° degrees) and stop on selected yeasts for at least 60-90 days.

Land Features

Our farms are located in Sorbara di Bomporto in the province of Modena, between the capital and Carpi.

For a total of about 6 hectares, our farms are located in a flat area 30 meters above sea level.

The type of soil is typical of the Emilia plains with a clayey, silty, alluvial soil, medium-textured, rich
of mineral substances.

Gastronomic combinations

Dry Extra Dry Spumante, produced in our cellar in Sorbara, in the hills of Modena, is a wine that goes perfectly with the crudités of sea and land.
Never forgetting that the Dry Extra Dry Sparkling Wine is the ideal accompanied by excellent desserts.


Orocolato is a particular Extra Dry Dry Sparkling Wine, with a light yellow color with greenish reflections. It has a persistent and fine-grain froth. As an excellent Spumante, it has sweet hints of fresh fruit, peach blossom, apricot and golden apple. The harmony and richness of flavors and aromas that it is able to satisfy is very important.

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