The production philosophy of Cantina Divinja

Three generations of our family have dedicated their lives to the production of Lambrusco di Sorbara.

Our history has made us proud of our products, which we work exclusively with grapes from our vineyards, are five and a half hectares wide, whose parts of Lambrusco are divided according to the disciplinary to 60% in Sorbara and 40% in Salamino.

We work only with natural products and selected yeasts and we bottle as we need the product, since Lambrusco, especially Sorbara, is better when it is fresh. The reds are produced exclusively in purity: our Sorbara is made exclusively with Sorbara grapes, as well as Rosé and our Salamino, are produced exclusively with our Salamino grapes.

Fabio irriga i vigneti di Cantina Divinja
uva bianca a cantina divinja

Product types

The processing of grapes over time has evolved, especially thanks to new technologies while maintaining the strong link to tradition.


As was done once, four of our six products are processed from the must. Not many people do it because it is a type of processing that takes a long time and to do this it is necessary to keep the tanks refrigerated for several months.


All our tanks are located in our cellar and we keep them constantly cold, allowing us to work well with the must even when we harvest in September.


Wines prepared from must give an exceptional finished product, so it’s worth it.

bottiglie cantina divinja
nuova cantina dopo il terremoto cantina divinja

Our history

Three generations of winemakers with a passion for wine and for the traditional production of Lambrusco.

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The renovated and modernized cellar awaits you for a pleasant day among the rows and in the cellar

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