The history of the Barbanti family

The Barbanti family has been dedicated to agriculture since the early 1900s


The agricultural company located on the outskirts of Sorbara di Bomporto in the province of Modena was born, like most of the companies of the period, dedicated to the cultivation of fruits and vegetables.


Over time the first vineyards of Lambrusco di Sorbara were planted, beginning to devote themselves also to the production of wine, to then sell it mainly in bulk.


The passion for wine has meant that over time the vineyard has expanded to occupy our farm which, thanks to the characteristics of the sandy and clayey soil, provides the wine with characteristics that cannot be replicated elsewhere, typical of Lambrusco di Sorbara.


Until arriving in 2008, finishing the conversion of the entire farm into a wine cellar with the construction of the new winery and facing the sale even outside the Italian borders.

cantina divinja foto epoca famiglia barbanti primi novecento
foto epoca famiglia barbanti

Reconstruction after the earthquake

May 2012 a seismic event changed our lives


On May 20, 2012, at 9 am while we were in the countryside at work, what ever you expect happens.


A very strong earthquake shakes us almost to make us lose our balance, but even if very scared once we recovered from the shock we went back home to see what had happened.


Fortunately our family had no problems and everyone was safe, but to our great regret we saw serious damage to our winery. Events that frighten and create discouragement, but that have not bent our desire to get up again.


We immediately started to renovate our premises, creating a new cellar equipped with the best technologies for the production of Sorbara Lambrusco

fronte nuova cantina cantina divinja
nuova cantina dopo il terremoto cantina divinja

The Barbanti family



Said Ciso, is the forefather of the family business.

A life spent with the parents in the countryside, learning the techniques of cultivation and the preparation of Lambrusco.

All the wines of the winery are dedicated to Tarcisio, who thanks to his passion were born excellent Lambrusco wines.



Last of the Barbanti generation, he grew up in the cellar as a child.

Taking part in the activities in the fields together with Fabio, he acquires the family winemaking technique.

Since he took the reins of the winery he has innovated the cellar with the best technologies, but remaining firm to tradition.



Son of Tarcisio, he was born and raised in the family cellar.

Learning from a father the techniques of winemaking from his father, over time he has dedicated himself to refining the production technique by increasing the quality.

Our philosophy

The vinification techniques follow the viticultural tradition of Lambrusco, typical of the province of Modena

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